News  V1.54.00

3D Touch Quick Actions

To get easy access to the main functions just use 3D Touch on the My Records icon.                            

No 3D Touch in place?

Most of the functions are available with the context menu which is also reachable for 3D Touch enabled devices... (more infos about the context menu).

Song/Album information with 3D Touch

Using 3D Touch on a song or album (record) icon you get further information about it.

Swipe up to get things done

When you Peek into content, you can simply swipe up to bring up a menu of commonly used actions, for example:

  • Not wanted... mark song(s) as not wanted, so at next start of playing songs with My Records it won't be played
  • Mark for playlist... mark song for a new playlist which you can create with this way and save it for later use (as a Goldlist) (further info...).
  • Add song... add song to an existing playlist
  • Jump to record... jump visually to the record of this song (to a Goldlist section or main sections)  (further info...).
  • Remove from Goldlist... direct access to remove a song from a Goldlist  (further info...).



Previous version



Enable Gold-Edition

It is possible to enhance the normal edition of My Records to a Gold-Edition. The Gold-Edition has the following features: 
- search functionality 
- screen saver enhancement 
- management of Goldlists