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Version 1.60.00 
is ready for update.

This new version supports the new screen of the iPhone X.


Version 1.59.00 
is ready for update.

This version is iOS 11 compatible.


Version 1.58.00 
is ready for update

A new version of My Records comes with new info dialogs for records and songs.


Version 1.57.00  
is ready for update

The user interface is improved:  
- choose your color (gray, blue, red) 
- choose the appearance of records and songs (i. e. 4x4) 
- direct access to "replay", "shuffle" and scope for playing


Version 1.56.50 
is ready for udpate

It is now working correctly with iOS 10 and fixing some bugs.


New landing page

We created a new manual and new landing page for My Records.

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Demo video

This video shows a subset of functionality of My Records... Have fun.