Bugfixes   V1.60.00 

  1. Scrolling not perfect after changing internet stream to songs: fixed.
  2. Cloudicons are not displayed correctly in the first section: fixed.
  3. Colors of the buttons are not fully correct: fixed.
  4. Play button directly at the images are not displayed correctly: improved.
  5. If search dialog is open and app switch was done the app crashed: fixed.
  6. Pressing fast next button impacts fast forward fo the song: fixed.
  7. Chosen a playlist caused problems: fixed.
  8. After deleting an internet records the screen was not updated: fixed.
  9. Number of selecting songs was not displayed correctly: fixed.
  10. Symbol to show or hide playlists was missing: fixed.

Bugfixes   V1.60.02 

  1. 3D-Touch: direct access to search via My Records icon not working: fixed.
  2. Search: height of section header not correct: fixed.
  3. Not wanted: exit dialog not working correctly: fixed.